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Shenzhen xin depending on the electronic technology Co。, LTD。 Is integrated intelligent building the intercom system、Parking management system, monitoring, hard disk video, access control a 。Cartoon system development, production, sales and service is a body comprehensive enterprise。 With the continuous development of society, the arrival of the era of high-tech, security is more important, the company since founded on, think that customer service for the purpose, to stick to the good faith cooperation for the principle, committed to the modern intelligent building talkback system development, the development, the production。 Has the advanced testing equipment, professional talents, created a high quality of "XST" (xin depending on the) intelligent building interphone products。 And into the developers, project traders, property management company first choice of products。

 and service centers technology for came near to the developers, project traders to provide a full range of intelligence system design and the best quality service. But also for property management company to provide intelligence system (the intercom, access control, parking lot, hard disk video) maintenance, upgraded and other supporting

We will strictly follows the ISO9001-2000 quality management system operation, will keep trying, pioneering and enterprising, innovation and with enthusiasm and responsible attitude, provide for the customer pre-sale, sale and after-sale good service. Xin depending on the company and the masses of customers work hand in hand to create a common for social security, comfortable environment that occupy the home. ......



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